What are the Value Added Services (VAS) available for Business Voice? How do I use them?

There are a number of Value Added Services (VAS) available with MyRepublic Business Voice.

  1. Caller ID: shows the number of the caller when you receive a call. If your telephone has a Caller ID display, this feature should automatically work.
  2. Call Waiting: allows you to manage multiple calls in parallel, switching from one to another that’s put on hold. This feature is automatically activated. To switch calls, press your telephone’s flash key or the phone’s hook. 
  3. Call Forwarding: let you forward calls made to your Business Voice number to any Singapore fixed line or mobile number. Call forwarding to international numbers is not supported at the moment.

    To enable Call Forwarding, log in to MyAccount and look for a button labeled “Business Voice”. You will be able to enter in the numbers you would like to forward calls to each of your Business Voice number. If you have more than 1 Home Voice line.

    Alternatively, using the hard phone:

    To activate, dial *72* <8 digit phone number> and wait for IVR confirmation.

    To deactivate, dial #72 and wait for IVR confirmation.

  4. Voicemail to Email: recorded voice messages from callers are sent to your chosen email. To configure your voicemail settings, log in to MyAccount, look for a button named “Home Voice” and find a section for “Voice Mail”. 

Voicemails will be delivered in a Waveform Audio file or WAV format to your selected email address. This format can be easily read my most common music or audio players. 

Dial 1334 in order to check your voicemail.


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