MyRepublic Wi-Fi Hub: Complete User Manual, Troubleshooting Guide & Latest Firmware

For the latest Wi-FI Hub Firmware (Version 1.5), please click here

For the Complete User Manual & Troubleshooting Guide, which contains the following, please click here.

Product Overview

  • Product contents
  • Technical specifications
  • Hardware features

Setting Up: Basics

  • How to set-up your Wi-Fi Hub
  • How to log into to your Wi-Fi Hub Router Management Console
  • How to use the Quick Setup Wizard

Setting Up: Advanced

  • How to add/edit the username and password of your
    Wi-Fi Hub Router Management Console
  • How to manually change your Wi-Fi network name and password
  • How to change your Wi-Fi Hub’s Wi-Fi channels
  • How to set up a guest Wi-Fi network
  • How to configure your router date and time
  • How to install your router firmware
  • How to limit device access (parental controls)
  • How to set up port forwarding on your Wi-Fi Hub
  • How to set up your Wi-Fi Hub as an access point


  • Power cycling your Wi-Fi Hub
  • Factory resetting your Wi-Fi Hub
  • You have forgotten your Wi-Fi Hub’s Wi-Fi password
  • Your Wi-Fi Hub cannot be detected by your devices over Wi-Fi
  • Your Wi-Fi Hub is not powering on
  • Warranty information for your Wi-Fi Hub
  • Wi-Fi intermittent disconnection/low Wi-Fi signal/slow speed
    on Wi-Fi
  • How to set manual DNS e.g. to Google DNS



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