I’m moving office soon. Can I continue my fibre broadband plan at my new office?

Yes, you can relocate as long as your new address is fibre ready (Building Reached)

There will be a one-time relocation charge of $1076.92 (inclusive of 9% GST) 

Just like new order, a site survey by NetLink Trust (NLT) is required. Please remember to bring this equipment to your new office when ready:

  1. Optical Network Terminal (ONT)
  2. Router
  3. Power Cables
  4. Grey/Blue LAN cables
  5. Patch Cord

Do note that completion may take up to 20 working days or earlier as they do not face any delays.

Kindly note that there should be no outstanding bill in your account for us to begin your relocation request. Please download and complete the Business - Relocation form and forward to business.order.sg@myrepublic.net or to your Account Manager. Our team will verify and contact you to make the necessary arrangement.


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